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Adventure & Outdoor Recreation

Borrego Springs’ desert geography isn’t just for contemplation and meditation—it’s for fun and excitement for all ages as well. Explore and experience the best of Borrego Springs and the surrounding areas through the following activities.

Desert Tours

Whether by foot or by a massive four-wheeler, you can tour the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and see for yourself its natural wonders.

  • Desert hiking – Don your hiking boots, gear, and that added layer of sun protection for a day out exploring the wilderness of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. There are thousands of miles of trails to be explored, the most popular being the Borrego Palm Canyon.

    If you want to venture further into the desert, get in touch with the proper agencies such as the Anza-Borrego Natural History Association so you can secure a proper guide.

  • 4WD and off-roading – If your boots aren’t made for walking, hop on a 4WD for an exciting drive in and around the canyons and desert roads of Anza-Borrego State Park. Some of the most popular routes include Grapevine Canyon, Blair Valley, and Coyote Canyon.

    There are several companies that offer guided excursions and off-road trips such as California Overland. There are also other organizations that offer off-highway tours and even primitive camping.

  • Cycling – Maybe you prefer exploring the area on two wheels. Borrego Springs is slowly becoming a favored destination for road, trail, and mountain biking. Bike rental locations are available in Borrego Springs, but should you need help, just head to the state park’s visitor center.
  • Horseback riding – Ride like a cowboy atop a beautiful horse as you explore Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. If you’re not a keen horseman eager to explore the wonders beyond, there are also ranches in and around Borrego Springs where you can safely ride a horse within a relatively safer environment.

Bird Watching

Birding is a popular activity in Borrego Springs, as the area is inhabited by number of desert birds. Come the changing of seasons, you’ll also be treated to sights of migratory birds passing by during their north-south migration. Species commonly sighted during this period include the annual migration of Swainson’s hawks.

About a half hour away from Borrego Springs is the Salton Sea, hailed as one of the best birding locations in the country by enthusiasts. This is one place you shouldn’t miss as well.

Star Gazing

One of the best experiences to be had in Borrego Springs is to lie on your back and observe the beautiful night sky. After all, Borrego Springs is one of the first communities in the country to become a Dark Sky community. And the best thing about this experience? It’s absolutely free—you can enjoy it out in the desert or in your outdoor living space.

If you would, however, want to observe the night sky with the expertise of a seasoned astronomer, there are several businesses in Borrego Springs that offer just that. One of the most popular night sky tours in Borrego Springs is Borrego Night Sky Tours with Dennis Mammana. The Borrego Dark Sky Coalition is also a reputable source of stargazing information and programs in the area.